MasEm - Part of AEON's Maser Verification System (MVS).

MASERs are technological enablers which will be integrated with security and medical scanners for increased performance. 

They are currently widely used in astronomy, VLBI and high precision timing environments.


Patent Pending Status Acquired!

Wednesday, 10th October 2018 – Staffordshire, UK

AEON Engineering Ltd. are proud to announce the filing of a novel patent application for its new product, MasEm -a key component to AEON’s Maser Verification System (MVS).

The patent application, filed with the UK Intellectual Property Office, outlines the design and use of a MASER emulator, ‘MasEm’, to simulate and analyse the effects of specific parameters which have a detrimental effect to a specified MASER’s performance.

MasEm is designed to assist those who are associated with the installation of MASER hardware, and understand the risk and costs associated with such projects.

MASERs are used across various sectors, but are commonly used as part of atomic clock systems, whereby stability and accuracy of the MASER is crucial. MasEm provides complete assurance in the design and development stage of new projects, considering all environmental challenges that may hinder the stability of a MASER during its operation, and provides indicators as to the suitability of a given facility.

AEON have been developing MasEm for over two years and have received academic support through the University of Manchester and Keele University in realising the project. The idea itself is the brainchild of work completed by AEON staff over a number of years, working alongside MASERs and developing an intricate knowledge of the issues that accompany such pieces of equipment.

AEON are committed to innovation and blue-sky thinking; we believe our product will demonstrate a positive step forward in the field of MASERs and have applications for numerous sectors across the globe.

"MASERs will enable technological advances in scanning technology and computing and data transmission, to name but a few. MasEM assures MASERs perform exactly as required before procurement - this takes a lot of the uncertainty away in defining the achievable performance."