Kickstart Scheme, AEON Edition

22.11.2021Kickstart Scheme, AEON Edition

Experience is everything

AEON are keen to welcome new members to the team, that's why when they came across the Kickstart Scheme they felt a real need to get involved, being able to offer vital work experience whilst allowing themselves to meet some brilliant engineers in the making was a win win.

Andy joined AEON through the Kickstart Scheme in May 2021 and they've had a joy of working with him over the last 6 months. This feature is dedicated to Andy's experience within the company and through the scheme, hoping to encourage more businesses to consider this route when looking to expand their team.

Early days

"Like most graduates in 2020 I was finding it difficult to find and attain a career starting job. However, the kickstart scheme offered the opportunity for a role with a local company, to gain valuable work experience and build my CV through a 6-month placement. All the while keeping the same personal work coach I had since starting on universal credit, who continued to provide support and guidance throughout the placement."

"Through the scheme I secured a position within an engineering company that provides leading project management and project development support across R&D, space, defence, and civil sectors; AEON Engineering."

"Through this role I have gained greater understanding of engineering working in the real world, common business practices, and a multitude of skills that will help to further my career in the engineering industry."

Andrew batty

New skills

"During this placement I've learnt:

  • Advanced drafting techniques that allow me to represent components to manufacture effectively
  • Express how multiple parts are fitted together to make an assembly
  • Discover new annotation symbols such as the weld symbols and section views
  • How to calculate show tolerances in dimensions
  • Attended training courses that taught me about geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and an introduction into system engineering"
Andy and Rob

To the test

"It's been a real honour to have worked on some key projects for AEON. Some of the parts that I designed during my placement were cover panels for a shelving unit that housed the electronical components for controlling the Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVC). The panels have electrical plug connectors attached to them, allowing the cables for the TVC to be plugged in on the outside and the control units connected and safely contained inside."

"I also assisted in building a clean room for the in-house testing lab which provides a clean environment for prepping hardware before going into the TVC. I serviced and set up the 3D printer for use in 3D printing small parts."

"Having an active role in all phases of these parts has given me a greater knowledge and appreciation on how a project comes to fruition, plus a great sense of accomplishment when the finished product was assembled and functioned as intended."

Andy working on project

"Alongside the abundance of engineering and business practices I've also learnt the common and unique safety procedures attributed to the company."

"Through the kickstart scheme I acquired more work experience and skills for the working world and given the opportunity to demonstrate my abilities and prove my value to the company, which resulted in being offered a permanent position when the placement was over."

Andrew batty

Welcome, Andy

Andy has solidified his place within the AEON team having brought great value to the workplace. AEON have seen such potential in him & his work ethic that he has been offered a permanent position.

AEON's official Graduate Mechanical Design Engineer, Andy Batty.

Kickstart 2.0

Since AEON had such success with their first Kickstart employee they've decided to start the process again and take on a Trainee Mechanical Engineer through the Kickstart Scheme. If you're interested in this or know of any aspiring engineers that would love the chance to develop their career and experience within a leading engineering company then please apply here.