The MoSCoW Method and its use in Project Management

Prioritisation is key for successful project management. Determining the importance of work being done, and its progress, will aid in keeping to deadlines. The MoSCoW method is a prioritisation technique that is particularly useful in projects, but is also commonly used in management, business analysis and software development to reach a common understanding with stakeholders on the importance they place on the...

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  • 28.08.2020

    Tailoring PRINCE2 to fit your project

    One of the strengths of PRINCE2 is that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ project management process methodology. As one of its seven core principles is ‘tailor to suit the environment’, PRINCE2 is designed to suit the specific needs of any project regardless of size, environment, complexity or duration. Getting the right fit. When...

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  • 17.08.2020

    MICG: Midlands advanced ceramics boosted by Government funding

    As a result of the successful bid for funding from the UK Research and Innovation’s flagship ‘Strength in Places Fund’, the Midlands is now one step closer to becoming a global centre for advanced technical ceramics. The funding from the public body, which has been secured by The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group (MICG), will assist...

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  • 12.08.2020

    MICG News Update: August 2020

    Engineering for the Future Advanced ceramics is a vital and growing field with a central role in the competitiveness of key high-value industries in the Midlands. It provides products and services to an increasing and important range of advanced manufacturing industries and their supply chains, including: automotive, aerospace, healthcare, power and energy, space exploration, defence,...

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  • 06.08.2020

    Vantablack® Specialist Coating Testing

    Here at AEON we are lucky enough to work with a vast array of specialist materials and coatings. One of our ongoing projects has necessitated the acquisition of a specialist coating called Vantablack®. This coating was created by Surrey NanoSystems©, based in East Sussex, UK. Vantablack® is a class of super-black coatings that possess exceptional...

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  • 24.07.2020

    PRINCE2: A structured framework for effective project management

    The purpose of PRINCE2 project management methodology is to ensure that project management best practice is maintained throughout the duration of a project. Its overall aim, however, is to give any project the highest probability of success. In the process, PRINCE2 aims to ensure that the purpose of any project remains viable, that resources are...

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  • 16.07.2020

    AEON & STFC: Handling Complexity, Simply

    At AEON Engineering, we specialise in delivering professionally managed engineering solutions to complex, dynamic and multi-faceted engineering problems. We’re proud to provide a unique range of engineering expertise to some of the world’s largest and most prestigious science projects.  We are pleased to feature as a case study for the Science and Technology Facilities Council, that showcases our unique expertise in supporting some of the biggest science projects ever conceived.  We...

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  • 17.06.2020

    Engineering the future: Advanced ceramics in the aerospace industry

    Thanks to their unique properties, advanced ceramic materials have had an inestimable impact on engineering across a broad range of industries. As their ability to minimise heat transfer, limit failure propagation and adhere to  mass limits develops, it’s clear that advanced ceramics will find increasing application in the aerospace industry.   Of all the many...

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  • 04.06.2020

    The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group (MICG)

    Big news in R&D for ceramics engineering AEON are delighted to announce our joint membership of an exciting new project, headed by Lucideon/AMRICC, that involves working in collaboration with some of the Midlands’ biggest and most respected names in engineering.  As a partner and founder member of The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group (MICG), AEON Engineering...

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  • 27.05.2020

    REFINE Project: Researching Futures in Engineering

    What is the REFINE Project? REFINE is a collaborative project partnered by AEON and the University of Manchester. The project seeks to change existing approaches to recruiting and retaining engineering students and practising engineers.   Why is this so important? As a result of current policy and practice, only 9% of professional engineers currently practising...

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  • 20.05.2020

    Young Engineer of the Year Awards 2020

    Reaching new heights with Space Olympics.  What is the Young Engineer of the Year? YEOTY20 Space Olympics is an awards competition giving Year 10 students from twenty Stoke-on-Trent schools the opportunity to challenge themselves with a project that involves designing, building and launching their own capsule of Space Olympics science experiments into near space by...

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  • 14.05.2020

    AEON is now part of the Crown Commercial Service Register

    Coronavirus has had a huge impact on all areas of life and business. Most notably, our public services have been stretched beyond belief, with dedicated key workers handling an unprecedented number of requests. At AEON, we’re pleased to announce that we are offering our services to the public sector, as part of the Crown Commercial...

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  • 16.04.2020

    What is Product Development?

    Product Development is to the process of turning ideas into products. Which sounds straightforward enough, but actually involves a number of important considerations that follow a logical course of action. What are the stages? Identifying a market opportunity, such as a technology or service innovation. Clearly describing the users of the new product. Determining precisely...

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  • 05.04.2020

    What is PRINCE2 project management methodology?

    PRINCE2 is the result of many years of continuous upgrade to PRINCE, a UK government standard used for IT project management.

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  • 26.03.2020

    What is Product Assurance?

    The prime objective of Product Assurance (PA) is to ensure that products and systems being developed work correctly, first time, every time. That they accomplish their defined objectives in a safe, available and reliable way; minimising wastage, re-design and re-manufacture. Why is there a need for Product Assurance? Imagine how complex a detailed engineering product...

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  • 11.03.2020

    What is Systems Engineering?

    Systems Engineering is a cross-disciplinary engineering process used to manage and deliver complex systems; typically, by establishing a deep understanding of the system’s constituent parts and how they work together to fulfil an objective. Systems Engineering integrates all of the relevant disciplines and specialty groups into a cohesive effort, forming an appropriately structured development process...

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  • 27.02.2020

    Developing Advanced Satellite Technology to Monitor Climate Change

    Climate change is front page news around the world. Here in the UK most of us have noticed a change in the environment, whether it’s thunder, snow, tropical heatwaves, or rising water levels. Climate change affects our ability to travel and to breathe clean air. Scientists and environmental activists, Greta Thunberg among them, have publicly...

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  • 24.02.2020

    What is Engineering Design?

    Simply put, engineering design is a logical and systematic series of steps taken by engineers to create functional products and processes that meet specific criteria and/or accomplishes pre-defined tasks.  What are the steps in the design process? establish technical requirements and functional criteria system architecture development concept generation and analysis solution synthesis and detail design...

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  • 19.02.2020

    What is Project Management?

    Project management is the practice of planning, controlling and applying knowledge of processes, skills, tools, deliverables and techniques to achieve specific goals. Project management processes generally fall into five groups: Initiating Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling Closing That’s what project management is, but what actually is a project? Strictly speaking, everything you choose to do...

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  • 06.01.2020

    Sentinel Business Awards: Dean nominated for Apprentice of the Year

    We are pleased to announce that our very own Dean Watson has been nominated for Apprentice of the Year at this year’s Sentinel Business Awards. Dean joined us back in February 2019 and has gone above and beyond expectations, achieving so much in the short time he has worked at AEON. Prior to joining the...

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  • 02.12.2019

    Space Junkies – How AEON is helping to clean up space debris

    Fact: The space around our planet is littered with junk left by more than 5,250 rocket launches. Since space exploration began 60 years ago with the launch of Soviet Sputnik 1 in 1957, space has become increasingly crowded with space debris. Why do we need to remove space debris? The need to remove debris from...

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  • 15.11.2019

    Are you a successful SWOT-er?

    We all like to think that we are in control of our projects; we plan them meticulously, put our best resources in place, research and mitigate our risks, everything we can think of to meet our client’s expectations. But rather then reaching for your Gannt Chart, when was the last time you took a step back and really thought about where...

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  • 09.08.2019

    AEON’s relationship with SKA continues

    AEON are pleased to announce an additional contract with the Square Kilometre Array Organisation. What is the Square Kilometre Array? The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is an international effort to build the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, with eventually over a square kilometre (one million square metres) of collecting area. The scale...

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