What is a Declared Mechanical Parts List?

14.06.2022What is a Declared Mechanical Parts List?

Similar to a Declared Materials List (DML), a Declared Mechanical Parts List (DMPL) is a database of mechanical parts which are supplied for component assembly.

For instance, if components are assembled using threaded fasteners, washers, bearings or springs. Some of these parts have the potential to affect how well the assembly performs when it is in service, so it is important to ensure these are controlled.

A DMPL's Purpose

The purpose of the DMPL is to be able to examine each applicable mechanical part for correctness and determine if any of these parts are critical. An example of a critical mechanical part could be the threaded fasteners used to secure flight hardware to the rolling tray used to move the hardware in and out of a vacuum chamber – an undersized fastener could cause the hardware to separate from the tray and fall causing catastrophic damage to the hardware, something we want to prevent if we can help it.

The major mechanical part categories are as follows:

  1. Spacing parts (e.g. washers and spacers)
  2. Connecting parts (e.g. bolts, nuts, rivets, inserts and clips)
  3. Bearing parts (e.g. ball-bearings and needle bearings)
  4. Separating parts (e.g. pyrotechnics, springs and cutters)
  5. Control parts (e.g. gears)
  6. Fluid handling parts (e.g. diffusers)
  7. Heating parts
  8. Measuring instruments (e.g. gauges and thermocouples)
  9. Optical passive equipment
  10. Magnetic parts
  11. Other parts

Declaring how components are made, put together and finished allows Engineers and Product Assurance specialists to catch any foreseeable issues as early on in the programme as is possible.

How AEON us DMPL's

As AEON adopts Product Assurance practices across its project, we create DMPLs for each project, this allows us to easily foresee any problem areas and therefore primitively correct any issues before manufacture.

AEON uses ECSS Standard DMPL notation, starting with a list of eleven mechanical part groups, which are then broken down into item numbers, commercial identification numbers, type of part, procurement specification/issue/date, elementary function/main characteristics, subsystem code/equipment code/use and supplier.

Do you require Product Assurance Documentation?

Having previously provided Product Assurance documentation packs across a multitude of Space programmes, AEON are perfectly suited to assist in the delivery of your Product Assurance programme. Whether you are looking for a PA Specialist to set up a programme, or simply need to outsource the creation of one PA document, we're able to assist.

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