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Welcome to AEON Engineering – that’s ‘A’EON not EEON (we like to be at the top of the list!)


We get to work on some pretty cool projects, delivering engineering that changes our view of the world. We never take this for granted and we push for the best for our customers and ourselves.


AEON was set up to be something different; to take the best people from different industries and weave their knowledge into a truly collaborative organisation able to tackle the most complex challenges. Our people do have one thing in common, that’s investment – in their projects, their clients and themselves. We don’t see problems, just challenges and overcoming these challenges is what drives us -how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!


We didn’t start AEON to continue the rat race so if you are looking for a punch in punch out environment hit the back button. We are proud to be different, honest and passionate about innovation.


Want to know more? Make a brew and have a nosey. Get inspired, the Future is Here.

We don’t see problems, just challenges and overcoming these challenges is what drives us

Our Values

Solution Architects

We are a business that embraces challenges, dissecting complex problems and providing a logical and systematic approach to solving them.

We are...
  • Solution Enthusiasts
  • Ability to handle challenges
  • Analytically-minded

Our Values

Innovation, not imitation

Originality, imagination and vision are at our core;
we provide the best-fit solution, however complex the problem.

We are...

Our Values



Our aim is to always provide solutions that perform to your expectations, whilst we continuously strive to be better, deliver the highest quality, and excel in every aspect.

We are...

Our Values



We are personally invested in the success of your project.
We work closely with our clients to ensure we realise their ambitions.

We are...
A little of our team
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A day in the life of


As an Assurance Engineer, I have the privilege to witness project starting from initial conceptualisation through to the handover of the system to the end-user. I bridge the gap between technical teams in the office and end-user, making sure that the system meets the users’ requirements. My job is to ensure the system performs as required at component, sub-assembly and assembly levels. I make sure that each level is subject to an appropriate level of testing depending on the criticality of each part.


Some days are spent in the field, providing engineering support directly to our customers, other days I’ll be in the office formulating assurance strategies, test programmes and evaluating each project’s risk areas.

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A day in the life of


Every day brings new challenges and new opportunities at AEON, so no two days are ever really the same. Normally, the engineering team will get together early in the morning to catch up on how project work is progressing, discuss any concerns and address any challenges we’re facing, we’ll also plan the work for the following few days.


This could involve anything from creating CAD models and engineering drawings, writing test plans and procedures, running tests in our in-house lab environment, contacting clients and suppliers as well as completing tender proposals for new work.


All of these and lots more can happen easily within the same day. One of the biggest strengths about the way in which AEON operates is the ability to seamlessly switch between working on lots of different projects, this takes some getting used to but the results speak for themselves, as you could be designing parts for a research institution in the morning, working on the requirements for a radio telescope by lunchtime and finish the day performing materials testing for the pharmaceutical industry.

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A day in the life of


My role at AEON is varied and rewarding. I wear many hats, everything from finance to human resources, project coordination to marketing, and more. My day may require me to wear one, or all, of these hats, and I love it. With coffee at hand, I am the project schedule guru, Quality Management System point-person, the writer of policies and creator of reports.


I am often the first one in the office in the morning, and because of this, I am often the first one out in the evening, allowing for an ideal work/life balance.

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A day in the life of


Day to day, I work to execute the Board’s short, medium and long-term business objectives; leading all aspects of business strategy and development of growth.


In my technical project roles, I support project planning and implementation, where necessary meeting with our Clients to discuss their evolving needs and identifying prospective solutions which deliver the most significant value.


I’m a highly experienced project lead and have a demonstrated project portfolio in programme and project management, in addition to delivering technical solutions from the ground up.

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A day in the life of


Way back in 2016, I left the job I was in because I felt more like a cog than a person. I knew that there had to be a better way of working; where hard work and dedication translated into success and value. My primary focus at AEON is to make sure our team and clients feel this way every day!


Practically, my days race by; checking in with the team, speaking to clients and reviewing project progress. I really enjoy getting involved with the outreach work AEON does. We work closely with local schools supporting STEM, as well as researchers looking at diversifying engineering as a career. Not coming from a purist engineering background, I add a different take on our projects that offers our clients not only a technical best fit, but a commercial one too.


We do things differently here, recognising that everyone has intrinsic value – the real question is will it make the boat go faster?

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A day in the life of


I’m the Junior Engineer here at AEON, completing an engineering degree apprenticeship alongside by day to day work.


My role requires me to be adaptable; responding to the needs of the technical team and our projects. I assist with design, planning and development of all our ongoing projects, it varies day to day! This can mean I’m working on CAD one minute and testing materials samples in our Lab the next. It’s great to get experience working on ground breaking engineering projects, each day brings a new and exciting challenge.


There is never a dull moment!

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Current Vacancies:

Systems Engineer


We are looking for a talented Systems Engineer with experience of conceptual and detailed design, executing all aspects of the V&V cycle, integration, and delivery, coupled with a proven capability of delivering system programmes, to join our expanding team. You will have demonstrable experience of systems engineering in the aerospace, defence or R&D domain and will ideally have experience interfacing with external customers as well as internal stakeholders.

The successful candidate hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (BEng, BSc) in a numerate, scientific, or engineering subject or higher education/equivalent training with experience. You will also have a detailed understanding of System Engineering and System Engineering Processes and Practices, including knowledge of Systems Lifecycles (as per INCOSE HEB v4), having already attained ASEP or CSEP, or evidence of working towards certification.

For more information, please get in touch via email @

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Current Vacancies:

Project Engineer


Our growing business has given rise to an opportunity for a Project Engineer. The successful candidate will have worked across the project lifecycle; in project planning and execution (bid-to-delivery). Experience in the preparation of project plans, cost books/cost breakdowns, work package descriptions, managing resources and management and mitigation of risk; coupled with a proven capability of delivering complex, highly technical projects in the aerospace or R&D environment, will need to be evidenced.

Interfacing with external customers as well as internal stakeholders a different levels is a requirement and similar experience will need to be shown. Ideally holding a Project Management certification, PRINCE2 preferred, as well as formal engineering qualification (BEng), you will be an experienced user of MS Project, and project planning tools generally.

For more information, please get in touch via email @

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employee benefits

Competitive Salary

You’re the best, and you’re worth it. You work hard, you have the skills and the disciplines to succeed, and the pay to match.

33 Days Holiday

What’s your vacation thing? Free climbing in the Rockies, poking around in a Cornish rock pool, coasteering in Wales or just getting wrecked for a week in Ibiza? However you choose to spend your holiday, you get 33 days to do it.

Caring Team

A bright, talented and outgoing team of thinkers, the AEON crowd work and play together and make life something to be enjoyed and relished.

Personal Development

Ready for a challenge? At AEON we thrive on them. We eat complex engineering problems for lunch, and we will provide your enthusiasm and ambition with all of the opportunities you can handle to grow your talents.

Team Events

We just love getting together and learning to appreciate what makes each of us tick. Sharing wacky ideas and pulling together to solve knotty problems because hey – it’s fun! So, you’re competitive? Come on then - let’s see what you’ve got...

Healthy Snacks

Good brains run best on nurturing nutrients, so those are the kind we snack on. Healthy calories such as fruits and nuts, vitamin packed veggies and proper protein. You want to live a whole life? Snack on whole foods. We do.


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