Project Management: PRINCE2 Organisation Theme

27.01.2021Project Management: PRINCE2 Organisation Theme

This month we are taking a closer look at one of the seven PRINCE2 Themes of Project Management - Organisation. The purpose of the Organisation theme is to define and establish a project’s structure of accountability and responsibility. In other words, it is determining the ‘Who’ of the project.

Each project needs to have direction, management, control, and communication. Establishing an effective project management team and the communication approach is essential to a project’s success.

According to PRINCE2 , a successful project team should have; business, user and supplier representation with defined responsibilities for directing, managing and delivering the project.

Getting the Right Team

At AEON, establishing the project organisation is an essential part of the first steps in project planning. When starting a project, AEON identifies what roles will be required. These roles are documented, with a clear definition of responsibilities for each member of the project team, including the rules or tolerances for those roles. Because of this clarity, the project team is fully aware of their respective roles in the project, dispelling any confusion and promoting efficiency.

Effective Communication is Key

In addition to determining the scope of the project team, we also detail how we will communicate during the project. This includes what is being communicated, to whom and how often. Our stakeholder engagement objective is to provide clear and concise information during the project lifecycle, without overburdening any party with unnecessary details. We see effective means of communication as a key element to successful project management. 

Our definition of a stakeholder is ‘any individual, group or organisation that can affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by the programme, project, activity, or risk.

Using a Systems approach to Starting up a Project, we work with our Clients to tailor the Organisation of their Project. That can mean the combining of roles to best fit the Project or the introduction of specialist Project Support where needed. Regardless the size of the project, we keep Project support and assurance roles separate to allow for the objective assessment of the projects aims and successes.

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