AEON & Materials Matrix Podcast!

31.08.2021AEON & Materials Matrix Podcast!

Kimberley Wallet, AEON engineering director. The AEON & Materials matrix podcast presenter

We are pleased to announce the Launch of the Women’s Matrix Podcast, hosted by AEON Director, Kimberley Walley

What is the Materials Matrix?

The Women’s Matrix is a sub-community of the wider Materials Matrix, a social media platform set up to bring together people who are interested in materials, whatever their current role, background or experience, to collaborate, network, learn from, support and challenge each other.

Materials matrix logo. The Materials Matrix Podcast founders

Experts from industry and academia joined together to create the platform; the Women’s Network formed from a conversation between Kimberley and sub-community Manager, Naomi Muller-Jones with the aim to provide a dedicated area for ALL advocates (regardless of gender, seniority etc.) of #WomeninSTEM to discuss anything and everything to do with materials and materials engineering. 

The Women’s Matrix host regular events, articles, and discussion posts - that aren't just engineering based! It’s a free space to share achievements, experiences and pose your questions to all within the sub-community.

We are live! Sit back, grab your headphones and leave us to do the talking!

The Women’s Matrix monthly podcast hosted by AEON’s own Kimberley Walley, is a monthly chat to Women in the know, focussing on all things STEM; our achievements, hurdles, and everything in between.

Kimberley will be interviewing experts in their field to help motivate and encourage women to pursue a career in STEM, and most importantly, become the best versions of themselves.

Through this podcast, and the wider work of the Materials Matrix, AEON are keen to build on our heritage of supporting and empowering diversity in STEM. We hope that these conversations will encourage women of all backgrounds to aspire to their dreams and strive for a career in STEM.

Teamwork, a team working together to problem solve. Using soft skills that are spoken about in the materials matrix podcast

What to expect

Kickstarting the podcast with a very warm conversation between Kimberley and Nikolena Christofi, the Soft Skills expert. Discussing all aspects of soft skills; what they are, how you obtain them, individual personality traits, handling feedback and much more!

At AEON, we understand the importance of soft skills, so much so that all of our projects are centred around them! We use the PRINCE2 project management approach in our projects; the importance of organisation, communication and time management are the pillars of this methodology. We have written many post on the application of PRINCE2 and how it benefits projects of all shapes and sizes which you can find within our news section

Nikolena Christofi, soft skills expert, engineer. Materials Matrix podcast guest speaker.


Soft skills, what are they?

Soft skills are not something that can be easily defined, you can't simply read about them and automatically teach yourself. You develop soft skills through experience and practice over time, and some may say they strongly depend on your personality traits.

Podcast Summary

The importance of soft skills within the workplace is essential, adapting and understanding how people act, there emotions and reading a situation. All of these skills enable you to be considerate and understanding within the workplace, to maintain and develop important relationships with your co-workers and ultimately to succeed in your career.

In addition, we touch on the importance of women in engineering (and the sheer lack of them!) at this current moment in time, throughout the Materials Matrix podcast we hope to motivate and encourage women to pursue a career in STEM. If you wish to learn more about other collaborations of ours with the aim to increase the % of women in engineering, we've also paired up with Manchester University on the REFINE Project.

But why read about it when you can listen...

Want to listen?

Take us with you on your leisurely walk or pop your feet up and listen to the lovely ladies discuss every topic along the way. Who knows, you might just learn something OR you may be encouraged to apply for that new job! You can find all of our podcasts within the AEON Engineering YouTube Channel.

2021 Podcast Finale

Fancy reading more?

Head over to the Materials Matrix website where you can sign up to receive all their exciting updates and engineering discussions.

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