How does a Thermal Vacuum Chamber work?

15.09.2022How does a Thermal Vacuum Chamber work?

Firstly, what is a Thermal Vacuum Chamber?

It's a special type of scientific equipment, often resembling a large metal barrel or storage silo. You can read about TVC's in more detail here.

Thermal vacuum chamber

So, how does a Thermal Vacuum Chamber work?

A Thermal Vacuum Chamber is made of three systems.

  1. The chamber is a sealable enclosure that can withstand ultra-high levels of vacuum. Typically, chambers are cylindrical as this shape provides a high level of structural stability.
  2. The vacuum system pumps gases out of the chamber.
  3. The thermal system is sited inside the chamber and radiates (or absorbs) heat, thereby elevating or reducing the temperature of the item under test.
Thermal shrouds in thermal vacuum chamber

How do AEON use a Thermal Vacuum Chamber?

AEON operates its own TVC which is used to subject hardware to bakeout processes. A bakeout is performed to accelerate the outgassing of volatile molecules from hardware in a controlled environment, this is done to prevent contamination of highly sensitive flight equipment during operation.

AEON’s bakeout process or sometimes known as Thermal Vacuum Testing starts by placing hardware into its Vacuum Chamber under high vacuum and then to elevate temperature to promote off-gassing. The absence of atmospheric pressure and increase in the kinetic energy due to heating, provide the correct conditions for volatile molecules to be ejected from the surface of the hardware. AEON monitors bakeouts using its Temperature Controlled Quartz Crystal Microbalance and RGA.

Thermal vacuum chamber with thermal shrouds

Carbon Neutral Thermal Vacuum Testing

AEON are extremely proud to be able to offer a Carbon Neutral Facility, allowing all clients to off-set the emissions from their projects and the running of the chamber.

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