Work Experience at AEON

29.07.2022Work Experience at AEON

Its great to host work experience at AEON; whether that’s exposure to our engineering projects, working in our lab #CERES or getting to grips with business processes, if we can promote STEM, we are all for it!

Throughout June and July 2022 AEON has hosted three students, all hoping to get a better understanding of the world of work and inform their next steps. These pupils have ranged in age, but all were at key points of their career journeys.

Aspirations, Dreams and Goals

Below you’ll hear from Charlie on his experience at AEON, one (very hot!) week in July.

Charlie is currently taking his A-Levels at Malbank Sixth Form and aspires for a career within Formula 1. He came to us wanting to learn more about what working in engineering environment entails and if it’s a career path he’d like to pursue.

What are you currently studying at Sixth Form?

Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

Do you have a dream job that you’d like to achieve?

My dream job is working in Formula 1, I’ve watched and been a big fan of F1 for as long as I can remember, but I’m open to other opportunities and this goal could change based on what I enjoy most at University and any further experiences along the way.

What have you spent your time doing at AEON and did you enjoy it?

I’ve spent a lot of time in the lab, learning about the machines and I even had the chance to use my A-Level maths to help the engineers on a project.

I was asked to calculate the measurement points to characterise glass. I worked out the number of steps needed to move the rotary stage in linear movement. I then needed to calculate the ratio between the pulley on the stepper-motor and the glass. This allowed me to rotate the glass to the measurement point.

Using this kind of machinery and being left to calculate something important for a project is new to me and it felt really good to be able to put some skills into practice and help the engineers.

I split my time between the office and the lab and I found it useful to see how a small business actually works, it was quite eye opening to see how much planning is needed, for both the engineers projects and the office staff.

VOS rotary machine in use

Is there anything that has surprised you about coming into the AEON office?

It’s helped me see what skills are required in the workplace and what a general day looks like. It’s been fun and interesting, and I can now see how certain topics at school are applied to real life.

Takeaways from your experience

From your experience have you found that you prefer being in the office or lab based?

I’d say I’m more of a practical person, but I do also enjoy working in the office. Most of the team are in the office and the engineers dip in and out, so it’s nice to be amongst everyone.

Are there some skills or lessons you’ve learnt that will help you when you go back to school? 

Being able to visualise calculations and see them working in real life (understanding what they do and how) has been really helpful for me. It’s difficult to see the bigger picture when you’re just answering questions on a sheet of paper!

Do you feel you have a greater idea of what you would like to do for your career?

Before this week I wasn’t quite sure if I was fully set on doing engineering at University, however, now I’m pretty certain this is something I want to do. I’ve also seen how different degrees and skills can be applied to all sorts, not just any specific role.

I’m still not dead set on any specific courses however I’ve now got a better understanding on a possible career path and the type of work involved.

Experience Roundup

Are you happy with your weeks experience?

Yes, definitely, it’s been a nice change from Sixth Form.

Would you come back to AEON if you had to choose again?

Yes, mainly due to how nice everyone here has been and I really enjoyed being able to help on the glass characterisation.

Any advice you would give to others attending a week’s work experience?

It is definitely worthwhile having a weeks experience its valuable to both get comfortable with working environments and learning loads about a possible future career.

Get in touch

There you have it, honest answers from Charlie on his time here at AEON. We’re always happy to help encourage careers in STEM. If you have read this and think you may know someone that would enjoy spending time and gathering valuable work experience at AEON, learning from our engineers, please get in touch.