What is Reverse Engineering?

19.08.2022What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering is the recreation of a previously made device, process, system or part through detailed examination and deductive reasoning. With the use of modern processes and technologies, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), 3D scanners and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, the knowledge gained from these processes can help with the repurposing or improvement of obsolete objects.

How do AEON use Reverse Engineering?

As part of AEON’s CERES facility, engineering design and product development processes, AEON uses its Aberlink Axion Too CMM and in-house CAD software, to recreate parts and products.

AEON has adopted this process to recreate its customers products accurately and confidently.

Reverse Engineering of Robot Maniuplator

AEON's Reverse Engineering Process

AEON’s reverse engineering processes comprise of measuring the products size weight, material composition, internal and external features. Using these measurements AEON’s engineers design the CAD models of the product and produce the engineering drawings of those models. These models and drawings can then be sent for manufacture.

Reverse Engineering in Action

AEON undertook a reverse engineering project at the request of a world leader in the research, development, and manufacture of the influenza vaccines, to recreate a part (known as the Starwheel), vital to their manufacturing process. The time between the ordering and delivery of the Starwheel was ten weeks. Ten weeks where the vaccines cannot be manufactured and distributed throughout the UK.

AEON’s engineers used sensitive measuring tools to measure every feature of the Starwheel, from these measurements an engineering drawing was created and the Starwheel manufactured, using a 3D printer. The time scale for the Starwheel to be manufactured and delivered to the client was a matter of days, reducing the downtime of the vaccines being made and improving millions of lives.

Reverse Engineering of Robot Manipulator in action

Do you have a project that requires reverse engineering?

AEON can measure, examine, and recreate your product within its engineering design and CERES facility services to ensure a high level of confidence in the recreated product with the necessary traceability to assure the supply chain.

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