AEON’s relationship with SKA continues

09.08.2019AEON’s relationship with SKA continues

AEON are pleased to announce an additional contract with the Square Kilometre Array Organisation.

What is the Square Kilometre Array?

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is an international effort to build the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope, with eventually over a square kilometre (one million square metres) of collecting area. The scale of the SKA represents a huge leap forward in both engineering and research & development innovation, with the detailed design and preparation now well under way.

How are AEON involved in SKA?

AEON has been involved in the Project since 2016 providing Systems Engineering and Product Assurance support. This has developed into specialist safety and design consultancy as the SKA moves toward the System Critical Design Review (CDR).

As the first commercial company to be successfully awarded NEC4 contracts with the SKA Organisation, AEON have worked closely in refining the requirements of this contract alongside the SKA’s Head of Health, Safety, Security and Environmental, John Kerr.

Work has commenced in readiness for the September [2019] deadline which will see the project move to its procurement phase; Mr Kerr commented;

AEON examined our unique requirements and have not only delivered what was planned, but also made numerous good suggestions along the way. This added substantial value during our critical safety in design review [and will no doubt continue to be beneficial as we approach System CDR and beyond]”

Managing Director Rob Gabrielczyk said

“We are very proud of the work completed on SKA so far and remain committed to contributing to the success of this ground-breaking project. This new contract further strengthens the relationship between AEON, the SKAO and its contributing academic institutions. The project showcases our skilled capability in providing crucial support to innovative projects”

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