03. Product Assurance


Product Assurance

The practice of Product Assurance ensures that any designed system works correctly, first time, every time.


The prime objective of Product Assurance (PA) is to ensure that products and systems being developed accomplish their defined objectives in a safe, available and reliable way; minimising wastage, re-work, re-design and re-manufacture.


Applying PA practices

Perfect environments for the application of PA practices are innovative engineering programmes with critical timescales, objectives or that make use of new technologies. In most of these cases no one has delivered similar projects, so they can be highly risky.

We take ownership of ensuring project success

AEON’s responsibility is to provide the framework and managerial structure required to assure stakeholders that the project will succeed. To accomplish this, we systematically seek out threats which may cause the project to fail. The sorts of threats we look out for vary from one project to the next, and are based on project sensitivities. They may include:

  • Obsolescence planning for large, long-term infrastructure projects
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Complex interface management (both engineering and organisational interface management)
  • Design, build and procurement strategy
  • Validation and verification planning (V&V)
  • Management of product quality
  • Material and manufacturing process suitability for specific applications
  • Safety in design, analyses and hazard mitigation strategy
  • Lifecycle engineering (Integrated Logistic Support (ILS); Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) and Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
  • IT equipment security vulnerabilities (ISO 27001)
  • Regulatory and statutory compliance obligations

Building the right system, and building the system right

AEON has successfully developed and executed bespoke PA programmes across a wide range of industries, de-mystifying the complex nature of PA for our clients using our proprietary approach. We understand the need to develop bespoke PA frameworks for each project, based on specific sensitivities of the undertaking. Ultimately, our goal is to concretely assure stakeholders that we “Build the Right System,” and we “Build the System Right.”


Product Assurance is fully embedded in all of our projects and receives our highest priority. The early identification of aspects potentially detrimental for success, and the cost‐effective prevention of any adverse consequence of such aspects are the basic principles we apply to all of our projects.



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