What is a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)?

13.12.2021What is a Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)?

AEON’s CERES (Centre for Engineering Research) facility continually expands its capabilities through the implementation of technology, specialisations, and new ways of thinking.

We are proud to announce that CERES is now able to offer a CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) inspection capability, complimenting AEON’s existing expertise in performing quality assurance (QA) checks on engineered components to the standards required both internally and by our customers.

What is a CMM?

A CMM is a machine capable of accurately measuring discrete points on the surfaces of objects. This can be done either with a mechanical touch probe or optically for non-contact measurement.

The X, Y, Z point coordinates are then used to digitally reconstruct the form of the object being inspected. This reconstruction can be used directly for reverse engineering or compared to the original drawings to determine if the part is within specification.

Probes are available in a range of sizes and shapes to suit the measurement of most complex features that traditional manual measurement wouldn’t be able to perform. Inbuilt software automatically compensates for changes in temperature resulting in thermally stable results.

CMM - Coordinate Measurement Machine

Why use a CMM?

Using a CMM provides a quicker, more precise, and accurate level of measurement compared to traditional manual measurement.

A CMM capability enhances the QA (Quality Assurance) function of projects, giving confidence that parts have been manufactured accurately to drawing, something that can be shared with clients through the production of inspection reports which are fully traceable to industrial calibration standards - giving our customers the peace of mind that parts are delivered are right, first time, every time.

CMM technology is also a great enabler for the reverse engineering of components where original design files may not be available or have been lost over time. Where the CMM point data can be used to reconstruct an accurate CAD model enabling modification to the design and ability to remanufacture.

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

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