The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group (MICG)

04.06.2020The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group (MICG)

Big news in R&D for ceramics engineering

AEON are delighted to announce our joint membership of an exciting new project, headed by Lucideon/AMRICC, that involves working in collaboration with some of the Midlands’ biggest and most respected names in engineering. 

As a partner and founder member of The Midlands Industrial Ceramics Group (MICG), AEON Engineering will play a vital role in supporting the development of a ground-breaking R&D centre of excellence in Stoke-on-Trent. Combining tried-and-trusted industrial and academic expertise, the groups aims are to meet key innovation challenges in advanced ceramics technologies.

AEON's Contribution

At AEON we believe in solving complex engineering problems through originality, vision and innovation rather than imitation to solve problems. So naturally as providers of engineering, project management and product development support across R&D, scientific, defence and civil sectors, we’re thrilled to be a part of this important project group.  

The MICG partners are clear that to continue to compete internationally there is an urgent need to constantly enhance current processes and develop future manufacturing techniques, in the area of advanced ceramics.

Putting the Midlands on the map

By driving breakthroughs in the development of exciting new materials for a wide range of industrial sectors, the MICG hopes to make the Midlands the go-to location for the global R&D and production of advanced ceramics.

Perhaps most famously used on the thermal protection system for the space shuttle, ceramics have many properties that make them ideal for aerospace applications. They’re lightweight, have high temperature resistance, electrical insulation, high energy of ablation, resistance to corrosion, chemical stability, wear resistance, and are able to withstand vibration.

MICG Partners:

Rolls Royce | Morgan Advanced Materials | JCB - Vesuvius (Foseco) | Trelleborg Retford | Lucideon | McGeoch Technology | Prince Minerals | AEON Engineering | ADE Regeneration | University of Birmingham | University of Loughborough | University of Leicester

Interested in joining?

If your organisation would like to play a role in fulfilling the growing need for high performance ceramics applications, why not join us? Learn more at the MICG website, or get in touch with a member of our team. Alternatively, check out the new MICG brochure.