Tailoring PRINCE2 to fit your project

28.08.2020Tailoring PRINCE2 to fit your project

One of the strengths of PRINCE2 is that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ project management process methodology. As one of its seven core principles is ‘tailor to suit the environment’, PRINCE2 is designed to suit the specific needs of any project regardless of size, environment, complexity or duration.

Getting the right fit

When tailoring a project, we are simply determining what specific elements of PRINCE2 require tailoring, as this will vary project to project.

In the instance of a small-scale R&D project, there may be a benefit in combining the Start Up and Initiation processes to streamline the project to kick-off. With a reduction in controls due to there being less management stages, the project may require the combining of the Project Manager and Team Manager roles.

For larger scale projects, there may be minimal tailoring required. It could be as simple as changing some terms or language regarding the management products or amendments to the set-up of logs and registers to suit the nature of the project product. Possibly some minor adaptations to the roles and responsibilities of the project team. No matter how small the change is, it is still tailoring to suit the project environment.

The art of good tailoring 

Good tailoring means thinking how best to apply the PRINCE2 method to your project to strike that perfect balance of planning, project control and administration. Tailoring cannot be applied in a haphazard, piecemeal way. It is a web of interlinking elements that are to be used to make sure we get the right fit for your project, saving time and cutting costs.

All those involved with the project must understand how PRINCE2 is to be used and how it has been tailored to suit the project. This is documented early in the project process, in the initiation stage.

The importance of a well-tailored project cannot be overlooked. It is fundamental to reduce the administrative burden of a project, while providing an appropriate level of control. When this is done correctly, projects should run more smoothly and be more cost efficient.

AEON's project experience

At AEON we have worked in a variety of project environments; from multi-national projects spanning years with multi-million-pound budgets, to small research projects with a team of three lasting only weeks. Our team is adept at tailoring our approach to get the best fit result for you, whilst ensuring the fundamentals of a successful project are applied.

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