Oxfordshire here we come!

03.05.2022Oxfordshire here we come!

As AEON approach their sixth year of business, the Company's directors are delighted to announce their growth and expansion to an additional region. As specialists in engineering innovation for R&D institutions and scientific organisations around the world, acquiring a presence in Oxfordshire is a considerable milestone for the Staffordshire-based Company.

AEON's Expansion

Over the years, AEON has grown organically, taking on progressively larger spaces to accommodate growing staff numbers. The Company moved to their Staffordshire headquarters in 2020, which provides ample space for staff and boasts a dedicated materials testing and UHV/Space bakeout facility CERES, with a developing focus on optics and OGSE.

Now solidifying their position within the market, and taking on a second office space within Oxfordshire's Harwell Campus, AEON will be amongst scientific elite and established businesses within the UK Space sector -only a stone's throw from the European Space Agency office and other government research institutions and private companies that are globally renowned.

AEON's Oxfordshire Address

AEON Engineering Ltd

Satellite Applications Catapult

Research Complex at Harwell

Electron Building

Fermi Ave


OX11 0QR

Rob, Aarron and Andy outside the new AEON Oxfordshire Office

Our new offices on the Harwell campus put AEON a stone's throw from organisations and project partners with whom we've worked closely since 2016. We hope that, by having a satellite office in the heart of the campus, it spurs on our continuing growth in delivering complex engineering to the R&D and space sectors, and promotes the sense of collaboration and community across our national and international projects.

ROB GABRIELCZYK, Technical Director

AEON's six years of success

From conception in 2015, AEON has seen organic growth year on year. With that growth, additional products and services have been amalgamated into the AEON offering, markedly, the development of internal products, in-house capability as well as the fortification of the core AEON business - managing complexity, simply. Key to this success, has been the hard work of the AEON team, and the unwavering dedication to the Company's Values.

When AEON was created, we sought to be different; to be proud of our work, invested in our projects, but most importantly, honest. Sometimes that is hard to do, and is not always popular! Our continued growth, and the new Oxfordshire space, shows that there is room in the Space and R&D sectors for our particular brand of engineering.

Thermal Vacuum Chamber

New Office, New Staff

With this natural growth comes the need for experienced engineers to join the team. In the last 6 years AEON has seen growth annually, now with a 10 person team and hoping to recruit at least 3 new members of staff throughout 2022. Always looking to find the best talent, the new Office will not only host existing staff, but will be the base for new team members. If you are reading this and are interested to see what it's like to work at AEON, or the job opportunities available, take a look at the careers page.

AEON Team Expanding

What the future holds

2022 has already seen significant growth for AEON. New team members have joined, new sectors have been broached and internal projects are benefiting from the skills and experience of the technical and managerial team - that's without the new office space! UHV technologies remain a key specialism and plans are underway to further expand the AEON Vacuum Chamber capability. Optical testing capabilities at CERES now includes a bespoke Spectrophotometer (UV-VIS-NIR) which is currently under commissioning, further reinforcing AEON's expertise in this area.

There is no sign of things slowing down at AEON; 2022 may just be the best year yet.

Young Rob as Astronaut

Get in touch

If you are based in Oxfordshire and would like to organise a meeting with one of our team, please reach out as we'd be delighted to discuss your project.