Supporting Shelter UK

16.11.2021Supporting Shelter UK

As a Company AEON try to do all they can to give back, and that's why they're so proud of Aaron for his efforts in raising necessary funds and supporting Shelter UK.

3100 sit-ups throughout the month of October, averaging 100 a day.

That's what AEON's AIT Technician Aaron set his sights on, and with a bit of catching up here and there they're very pleased to say he SMASHED it! Aaron wanted to spend a little time (and energy) out of his daily schedule to give back, raising £120 for Shelter UK, the UK's biggest housing and homelessness charity.

A key Company Value at AEON is to grab a challenge with both hands! They're feeling extra proud of Aaron and his efforts to raise awareness and funds for those who are without shelter. AEON are very pleased to have sponsored his hard work, helping him reach his target! It's even more paramount now as these colder months arrive that everyone looks out for each other, especially those without the comfort of a home, supporting Shelter UK does that.

"I'm a big believer in helping others and I'm happy to have supported Shelter in the great work they do for vulnerable people. I'm grateful for all those who donated to the cause during this month, thank you."

Aaron Mountford

If this has caught your attention and you'd like to donate to Aaron's cause, feel free to show your support.

Get involved

Likewise, there's many ways to give back, and not all entail 100 sit-ups a day! Shelter-UK run annual events to encourage people to raise awareness; on Friday 10th December 2021 they have organised their own 'Winter Walk' where you can choose to walk 3km, 5km or 10km, and where you walk is up to you. Grab the dog, a friend or just your walking boots and get those steps in, all for a good cause, and you'll feel better for it afterwards!

" When we all have homes, our society thrives. And when you walk for home this December, you will help change lives."


Remember, there's no time limit on supporting any charity

If you're looking to get involved but you're unsure how to or when, head over to the events section on the Shelter UK website where you can see what they have scheduled and how you can play your part.

We support many charities

Each year AEON aim to support at least five charities, giving a little goes a long way and therefore they always aim to give what they can to those charities close to their hearts.

Some of the charities AEON supported throughout 2021:

Our support for Comic Relief 2021 - check out the Red Nose and Spoon Race Winners!