What does AEON offer?

Mechanical Design & Testing

We are specialists in the design of bespoke mechanical hardware. We offer a comprehensive design, analysis, testing, drawing and manufacturing service.

Engineering Analyses

We’re able to perform steady-state and dynamic mechanical and thermal analyses. We use NASTRAN, PATRAN, ANSYS and COMSOL. We can also provide engineering life-cycle analyses such as FMECA, RAMS, LSA and ELORA.

Systems Engineering

We specialise in modelling complex systems to SysML standards and providing cohesion between the design intent and its implementation.

Software Development

We offer bespoke development of novel software and bespoke analytic tools to bridge engineering and business. We can harmonise software and hardware demands to optimise performance.

Automotive and Aeronautics

We understand the challenges faced by the automotive and aeronautics sectors. We can apply our expertise in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, materials science, analytical verification and testing to find the right solution for you.

Process Optimisation

We offer a holistic Process Optimisation Programme, which identifies opportunities to increase production yield, reduce wastage and maximise energy efficiencies.

What does AEON do?

“Experienced, Assured, Integrated, Results Driven, Effective, Efficient, High-Value…”

These are just a few of the words used by our clients to describe the type of company AEON is, and the impact we have made on their projects. Your project matters to us, because we know that success matters to you. We can help if you are you working on:

Projects which are complex, and have a high level of integration

Projects demanding the development or application of new technologies

Projects with challenging scales of deployment, and in hazardous environments

Projects demanding high performance efficiencies with limited resources

Projects with integration challenges spanning language, culture, and time-zones

…Or simply projects which have never been attempted before…

Welcome to AEON, these are our specialities

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