06. Product Development


Product Development

We understand the innovation process, and how to develop novel products such that they can be brought to market in a cost and time efficient manner.


We work with our clients to deliver value at all stages through the innovation and product development process.


Understanding is Key

We put in the effort to understand our clients’ needs, the product requirements, its application and the intended users, making sure that we “Build the Right System”.


At the very core of our process is our deep understanding of user needs, and how the product will go about fulfilling the user’s requirements.


Working with you, we clearly define the user needs and how we will measure the product’s capabilities at each stage of the process to ensure that we “Build the System Right”.

Applying Innovation to Engineering

Whether you need help developing technical specifications; optimising designs for manufacturing efficiency; generating manufacturing drawings; manufacturing or testing prototypes.

Some of the novel products we’ve helped develop


  • Structural elements for spacecraft and instrumentation
  • Spectroscopy instrumentation
  • Synchronisation and timing systems for Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) and phased-array antennae
  • Radiometers and Roentgenometers
  • Large optical windows for thermal vacuum chambers
  • Biocompatible joints and tailor-made prostheses
  • Carbon fibre composites structures for particle accelerator sensor arrays
  • Remote Interface Units (RIUs) (incl. PSUs, C&C and SpaceWire)
  • Low RFI mechanical drive systems
  • 3D Printed ablation shields for sample return re-entry vehicles

Assuring Innovative Products

Embedded in all our projects, is the practice of Product Assurance. It means we maintain continuous monitoring and review of technical risks that could threaten the success of the project. This way we’re able to implement effective risk mitigation to prevent any adverse consequences which may otherwise jeopardise success.


We understand that we’re doing something that’s never been done before, so keeping a close eye on risks is of paramount importance to us.


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