AEON – Enhanced Analysis Capability Using Simcenter

04.11.2020AEON – Enhanced Analysis Capability Using Simcenter

Increasing product and engineering complexity in modern projects is now commonplace, and with this come challenges to ensure product quality and reliability. AEON’s choice of Siemens Simcenter gives our clients industry-leading Finite Element Analysis (FEA) capabilities in-house, meaning that we are able to provide bespoke analysis services in support of our full lifecycle product assurance programs.

We have experience in performing a wide range of analysis with single and multi-body systems with a range of applied loads, including:

  • Static Loads
  • Dynamic Loads
  • Distributed Pressure
  • Accelerations
  • Thermal Loads

Loads can be applied individually or in combination to replicate real-world scenarios, with the results being used to inform design and project decision making. Effort spent early in a lifecycle of a project (to understand how a system responds to external factors) is key to preventing costly late design changes and in-service breakdowns and repairs.

An appropriate amount of effort in any engineering design project should be dedicated to understanding how a component or system will behave in the real-world, and simulation is a key part of this. However there are a number of factors that need to be considered when performing FEA to ensure the analysis provides meaningful results and not just “PPFD” (Pretty Pictures for Directors).

Anyone performing or reviewing the results of an analysis should not take the FEA results on face value. They must understand the loads and constraints applied to the model to determine if they represent the real-world conditions, as under or over constrained models can lead to dramatically different results to those obtained in reality.

Other factors such as mesh convergence need to be demonstrated, as the size and type of mesh used will affect both the results obtained and the time taken to solve the model. Mesh refinement can be achieved globally over the whole model or localised to specific regions of the model depending on the area of interest and types of results that need to be obtained. It should also be noted that different result types converge at different rates; displacement results will converge faster than stress results.

AEON’s use of Siemens Simcenter compliments our existing capabilities for engineering design and in-house testing, allowing us to deliver robust engineering solutions to difficult problems.

To find out more about how Simcenter and AEON’s expertise can help you, get in touch through our contact page.