Who are we, and what do we do?

AEON Engineering Ltd. are a multi-disciplinary engineering and project management consultancy based in the North West of England. AEON has extensive heritage working to realise ‘Big Science’ projects such as CERN’s Large Hadron Collidor, the European Space Agency’s BepiColombo Spacecraft and the Square Kilometre Array Telescope. 

With a wealth of experience operating at the edge of technological capabilities, AEON offer professional engineering and project management support services to industry, international research institutions and academia.

Optimised, High-Performance, Effective, Efficient, and Lean…

These are just some of the buzz words which you may think are synonymous with technically challenging and complex engineering projects. Furthermore, these words are often intrinsically linked to seemingly unjustifiable practitioner day rates, travel costs and a poor cost-benefit definition. If this rings true, then AEON can offer you something different.

AEON has a proven record of managing small (<£10k) and large (€65mil) projects with a close-nit and talented engineering and managerial team that have worked on a broad spectrum of engineering challenges. From designing bespoke motorsport vehicles, to identifying tooling defects for the minimisation of product rejection rates (see what we’ve been working on recently, here).

AEON’s expertise, flexibility and scalability offers a high-value return, whether you’re looking for assistance in developing carbon composites for space applications, or are designing and integrating a new production line.

What does this mean for my company?

  • Do you need to fulfil bespoke design, manufacturing and integration on a variety of materials for a demanding application?
  • Do you have challenging projects which are looking to adopt new technology, processes or practices? or are you looking to integrate a new system with an existing one? 
  • Do you need additional technical assurances that a design will work as intended? Do you know what will fail, what the consequences are, and when to plan preventative maintenance?
  • Are you embarking on an R&D project but need some assistance to establish robust technical and managerial governance?
  • Do you need some basic ‘know how’ in order to get your project up and running?
  • Do you have a shortfall in technical or managerial resource to assure project success?
  • Do you need a third-party to verify conclusions, analyses or results?

Applying AEON’s experience to your project will ensure that challenging projects are manageable, are kept on-track, on-budget and are supported by a robust and structured approach. Leading to the delivery of a successful project, and a successful product.

Our ethos is ‘Redefining Possibilities’ and it conveys how we think, and what we can offer. Our consultants aren’t just project managers, system architects or engineers. They’re not just CAD operators, finite element analysts, material experts or technicians. We are all of the above and more, with a focus on providing a value-driven and holistic approach that delivers turnkey solutions.

Still unsure what we can do for you? See some examples of our undertakings back on our Home Page…