Meet the Team.


Kimberley Walley – Commercial Director

Kimberley has worked on large-scale projects across public and commercial sectors for the past 10 years. Specialising in business growth, acquisitions and restructuring, resource management (including recruitment, retention and reward), operational/project management, and contracts (both in terms of drafting and management).

Kimberley is responsible for driving AEON’s commercial strategy and is at the helm of AEON’s expansion plans as the Company continues to develop into new and exciting sectors.

Kimberley specialises in the implementation of corrective actions (often accompanied with strategic advice) where Clients’ projects require intervention to ensure success -be it due to schedule slip, cost overrun, or resourcing issues. Kimberley maintains a grounded perspective and cares that engagement with AEON means added value, and success. Kimberley has particular skill in identifying cross-market opportunities for our Clients and provides commercial advice to ensure goals are met, and often exceeded.

Kimberley believes in taking things back to basics and advocates performance focused thinking; she can often be found asking “Will it make the boat go faster”? Kimberley draws on her experience in challenging, multi-stakeholder environments to support both our Clients and our team.

Using these methodologies, Kimberley has recently finished a house renovation and has now reclaimed her weekends from the paintbrush (finally). Kimberley is enthusiastic about travel and has recently found a passion for studying Wine. She is currently working towards WSET Level Two after gaining Level One earlier this year.

Rob Gabrielczyk – Managing Director

Formally educated as a Materials Engineer, specialising in manufacturing techniques, composite design, finite element analysis and forensic engineering.

Rob’s strong knowledge of materials made him well-placed as a mechanical design engineer and analyst in developing novel mechanisms and materials for use in the aerospace domain; working alongside academic and R&D institutions such as the European Space Agency, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, UK Universities (incl. Oxford, Leicester, Sheffield, Lancaster, Manchester and Imperial College London), the National Physical Laboratory, Rutherford-Appleton and Daresbury Labs.

Rob took a senior engineering position within UK Gov., managing and engineering ‘Big Science’ projects such as Sanford’s Underground Research Facility (LUX), CERN’s LHC ATLAS Experiment (as part of Hi-Lumi) and RICH2 (LHCb).

Rob took the leap from mechanics and particle physics in 2014, when he began work on the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. Using his expertise in the field of Systems Engineering, Rob shaped the design of the Signal and Data Transport (SaDT) element, managing, and delivering, a multi-disciplinary and technically complex system to the SKA Organisation.

Rob has a keen interest in the application of systems science and “systems thinking” to complex and innovative engineering projects; although he is also a firm believer in keeping things simple(!)

He enjoys walking his two border terriers, cycling, surfing and dominating the squash court.


Archie Brighton – Project Engineer

Archie began his career working as a Project Engineer in the building services industry, working on high profile projects, including Pembury Hospital, Tonbridge and One Hyde Park, Knightsbridge. Not only were these projects decent for cutting his teeth, they also provided and excellent foundation for working with, and developing experience in, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) and Quality Management Systems (QMS).

Following these projects, Archie decided to diversifying his career by moving into the Oil and Gas Sector, where he specialised as a Drilling Engineer. During this period, Archie designed and delivered offshore oil wells across the globe.

A chartered engineering with the IMechE, Archie has worked both in-office and offshore (including a Deepwater Semisubmersible rig off the coast of West Africa) in the capacity of a variety of roles, working with stakeholders to deliver technically and logistically challenging projects.

In his spare time, Archie can be found getting involved with anything property and investment related or, whenever possible, taking the opportunity to get out there and travel with the wife.

Brendan Harrowing – Development Engineer

With a strong knowledge across all engineering disciplines, Brendan is AEON’s (principal) Development Engineer. Armed with a Civil Engineering degree, an Environmental Sustainability post-grad, and several years’ industrial design experience, Brendan is an engineering force to be reckoned with!

Brendan’s knowledge spans process engineering, manufacturing technologies, automation, renewable technologies, finite element modelling and analysis. Brendan has even tested the destabilisation of concretes mechanical properties, when GRP is used as an additive prior to curing.

As part of the AEON team, Brendan makes good use of his diverse experience, adding value in the development of new products, processes and systems; affirming the need to consider the entire product lifecycle, and usually acting as the voice of engineering reason.

Away from the office, Brendan enjoys playing any type of sport, including football, squash, badminton, tennis, trampolining and bouldering (unless, of course, it’s an F1 race weekend, in which case, that always takes priority).

Claire Brown – Systems Engineer

Claire is AEON’s resident physicist. Having received her postgraduate degree from the University of Manchester in Nonlinear Physics and Chaos. Claire’s thesis investigated transient chaos in the Lorenz equations; amongst other things, she discovered that, the time taken for a particle to decay from its chaotic trajectory towards a fixed point, is independent of the time spent within that trajectory.

Claire joined AEON as a Systems Engineer, allowing her to apply her unique skills toward understanding and characterising complex systems and their emergent behaviours.

Claire has a strong understanding of Systems Engineering practices, and is versed in requirements management, system synthesis, and behavioural analysis through Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Claire takes a leading role in the generation and management of the SKA SaDT’s architectural model (using Enterprise Architect), managing the system products, sub-system interfaces, interdependencies and functional exchanges.

As part of her work on the SKA SaDT, Claire has helped with the generation and maintenance of Interface Control Documents (ICDs), requirements elicitation, validation and verification planning. Furthermore, Claire’s skills have helped to shape the SaDT’s Configuration and Change Management Policies.

Outside the workplace, you can find Claire hiking in the wilderness, rock climbing, cuddling as many dogs as possible, practicing yoga, playing frisbee, going to gigs and smashing the patriarchy; preferably all at once.

Rachael Kimber – Executive Assistant

Rachael’s career started in the education sector after volunteering as an Administrator. She has since worked for two global companies and has a wealth of experience operating as a Personal Assistant to Company Directors. 

Rachael is avidly working towards her CIPD Level 3 in Human Resources and has recently completed a project on the effective recruitment process. She is now working on the importance of target setting within the workplace.

Rachael joined AEON as an Executive Assistant and, with the help of her CIPD knowledge, has been supporting the Commercial Director with a range of HR and administration tasks. She has also been a leading figure in Project Administration, where necessary acting as a Project Coordinator.

Rachael is a people-focused individual, and believes in approaching all of her work with Clients and colleagues in mind. She is an advocate for team-oriented working to ensure Client objectives are met and outcomes are achieved. She believes that project success stems from all individuals equally, and she strives to complete all work to the best of her ability to ensure Client satisfaction.

Rachael has a passion for learning and is a keen historian, researching military history as a hobby, and travelling to France on battlefield tours with her family.

She adores all animals (especially her cat!), and enjoys being close to nature. She also has a love for travel, visiting France, Belgium, Poland and Spain within the last two years.