01. Surface Treatment Testing


Case Study 01
Surface Treatment Testing

Recently, AEON did some work on a Space Environment Simulation Chamber, testing the Thermal Shroud Panels to ensure the highest level of performance.


Surface Treatment Testing



Thermal Shroud Panels form part of a Vacuum Simulation Chamber. This type of chamber is used in space simulation in order to recreate, as closely as possible, the environment that spacecraft experience in space. In addition, they also serve to space components qualification and material research used in spacecraft.




Recently, AEON completed materials testing on Thermal Shroud Panels that will form part of a Vacuum Simulation Chamber for use in a space environment for the testing of satellites, which means the need for accurate performance is incredibly important.


When working with materials that are to be used in such a demanding environment, there are heavy constraints on the properties and their performance. For that reason, our client instructed AEON due to our expert knowledge of ECSS-Q-ST-70C, a common standard used in this sector.


To achieve the best results possible, we designed specialist attachments to accommodate the test samples, using our Mecmesin tensile and compression machine. The samples were subjected to a Peel Test, which tested an area of the coating to determine if it could withstand differing levels of adhesion strength without any damage occurring. Two important factors to test were the levels of emissivity and absorptivity.




After conducting this test on twelve different samples for the client, we were able to provide an in-depth report of the results from each test. Our report included the following topics:


  • Magnified photo and video data, pre-test, during and post test.
  • Data on environmental conditions closely monitored using proprietary software.
  • Graph results of the applied force to each sample (seen in the image below).
  • An overview of each test’s parameters.
  • Conclusions drawn from the information above, against the requirements of the ECSS standards.


We are delighted to report that, overall, each sample was a success, resulting in the coating being authorised for use on the new thermal shrouds, and providing our client with a high level of assurance in their product.


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